Bike Ad

Carbon Neutral Advertising

Need a bit of Oomph in your advertising? Our eco-friendly advertising bikes are a great way to get your company noticed. Hire stand alone or with a rider, see our prices page for our great rates.

We’re based in Nottingham City Centre, where we do most of our work. If you need us to go further afield, just give us a call to discuss it and we'll see what we can do!

Why do you need an Ad Bike?

  • We can get right into the centre of the crowd
  • It's mobile, so you don't have to wait for people to walk by; we can get your advert right where you want it!
  • Our riders can talk to your potential customers - interactive!
  • With our customised campaign rates, the longer you advertise with us, the cheaper it is!

Why do you need a Rickshaw?

  • Offer your customers a free lift
  • It gets noticed, it's fun, it's a novelty
  • We can go anywhere, we even do weddings!
  • It's got space for a large poster on the back!

WEGO Active Media have always made it easy to get our message out on the streets using their Ad Bikes, and the Rickshaws are a real head turner!

- The Big Wheel